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Eli said
tears are justified
so I cried
I mourned her departure
and felt her fall off my tongue
like a swollen promise

Eli held her hand last
watched her light fade
kissed her where her tear traced
licked his lips and swallowed
caught her sigh in his fist
pocketed her tightly coiled air

I arrived too late

Heaven’s ruling impaled me

yes, ends are unreasonable

beginnings are, too



yesterday God cried
and the ground was wet
and my hair curled

the clouds touched ground
and I could barely see
down the road

i peered through squinted eyes
till it hurt
till I resigned to guessing
what might be there

yesterday he smiled
and it touched his eyes
and tickled his throat

the laugh hit him in his chest
and he could not contain his joy
it was no secret

he peered through squinted eyes
till they watered
till he was pleasantly pained
wondering how he’d know to stop his giggle
how he’d know that the funny was worn

tomorrow, the world will be too bright and needy
and I’ll feel too much
and have too few words
the restlessness will be forceful
and the loneliness will win

it will be a day of remembering
and tracing the lines of his face as I recall them
till the thought wears thin
till the absence hurts and the places
where he touched tingle