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to ask for a sweet hurt
to desire it
to want to feel fear and
bury one’s face deep into it
to receive the requested and
look wide-eyed and regretful

this is folly

to imagine oneself a sacrificial lamb of love
to crave the violence of wild romanticism

that is to go mad

know for certain, there is no promised good
we can only make strong petitions
to think the good is due to us

that is unreasonableness

to be injured by choice
to dismiss small and giant infractions alike
to hide one’s soul and think too low when considering self-worth

yes, forgetting that love is a gentle game
not warfare
surely, this is madness



how do I tell myself a thing and mean it?
how do I say the truth fearlessly
so that the foolish hopefulness inside of me evacuates?
I might be free,
if only my maybe dreams would go


i want to take an honest breath.
i want to speak the truth and be unafraid–
of impending discomfort.

and i want to be loved in earnest,
because i know that i can love.
i can do that much.
i can.


more than anything,

I think I wanted to know that I was someone to love.

someone who could be loved.

while the longing remains, the dream is dead,

and I wake and walk with an emptiness so profound

it feels like my heart is my head, and I’ve been dropped on it.

it hurts.